Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Add DLA-2171-1.HEADmasterChris Lamb3 hours2-0/+36
* Document the equivalent IRC channel for the debian-private listPaul Wise10 hours1-0/+6
* Updated entry for THE EAGLE LABS, as requestedHolger Wansing16 hours1-13/+14
* Fix tidy error (Telegram contact)Holger Wansing16 hours1-2/+1
* (ko) sync and translate support.wmlSeunghun Han27 hours1-114/+126
* Add Spanish translationRafa28 hours1-0/+22
* (fr) DSA 4655, initial translationJean-Pierre Giraud36 hours1-0/+24
* Update german template translationHolger Wansing40 hours1-14/+9
* Initial translationjptha-guest41 hours1-0/+20
* Add entry for Kamee as requestedHolger Wansing41 hours2-0/+20
* Merge branch 'master' of salsa.debian.org:webmaster-team/webwmlHolger Wansing42 hours1-0/+22
| * (Russian) Initial translationLev Lamberov42 hours1-0/+22
* | Add entry for Initlab as requestedHolger Wansing42 hours2-0/+21
* [SECURITY] [DSA 4655-1] firefox-esr security updateLev Lamberov42 hours2-0/+35
* PT Aplikanusa LintasartaHolger Wansing42 hours1-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of salsa.debian.org:webmaster-team/webwmlHolger Wansing42 hours1-0/+39
| * Add Spanish translationRafa42 hours1-0/+39
* | Add entry for as requestedHolger Wansing42 hours1-0/+12
* | Add entry for Dabbicco Telecomunicazioni as requested, but without the URLHolger Wansing42 hours1-0/+13
* | Updated entry for Guru_host, as requestedHolger Wansing42 hours2-5/+16
* (fr) DSA 4654, initial translationJean-Pierre Giraud43 hours1-0/+41
* (Russian) Initial translationLev Lamberov43 hours1-0/+39
* [SECURITY] [DSA 4654-1] chromium security updateLev Lamberov44 hours2-0/+52
* [SECURITY] DLA-2170-1 for firefox-esrEmilio Pozuelo Monfort48 hours2-0/+29
* Add Spanish translationRafa3 days1-0/+117
* (fr) vote/2020/platforms/bgupta.wml, remove empty <p>Jean-Pierre Giraud3 days1-1/+0
* (fr) DSA 4650, proofread Daniel MalgornJean-Pierre Giraud3 days1-2/+2
* (fr) DSA 4647, proofread Daniel MalgornJean-Pierre Giraud3 days1-6/+6
* update Cloud team delegationThomas Lange3 days1-3/+3
* (fr) vote/2020/platforms/bgupta.wml, proofread Daniel Malgorn & bubuJean-Pierre Giraud3 days1-2/+4
* (ko) sync and translate CD/index.wmlSeunghun Han3 days1-37/+52
* (fr) vote/2020/platforms/bgupta.wml, sync fileJean-Pierre Giraud4 days1-3/+78
* Add Spanish translationRafa4 days1-0/+8
* Intialize directoryRafa4 days1-0/+1
* Add Spanish translationRafa4 days1-0/+20
* Initial translationjptha-guest4 days3-0/+91
* dla 2165Thorsten Alteholz4 days2-0/+33
* dla 2164Thorsten Alteholz4 days2-0/+33
* Add Spanish translationRafa5 days1-0/+22
* DLA-2169-1 advisoryDylan Aïssi5 days2-0/+49
* (fr) DSA 4652, DSA 4653, initial translationJean-Pierre Giraud5 days2-0/+46
* Initial translationjptha-guest5 days1-0/+76
* (fr) vote_001.wml, syncJean-Pierre Giraud5 days1-17/+17
* Fix typo and make minor text improvement in Spanish translationRafa5 days1-2/+2
* Add Spanish translationRafa5 days1-0/+21
* (ko) sync and translate distrib/index.wmlSeunghun Han5 days1-53/+58
* [ko] updated korean devel/index.wmlSebul6 days2-154/+82
* ko DSA-4653Sebul6 days1-0/+20
* ko DSA-4652Sebul6 days1-0/+17
* (Russian) Initial translationLev Lamberov6 days2-0/+43

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