BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jessie-8.11.0-and-8.11.1Add tags needed to offer both 8.11.1 images (for arches in LTS) and 8.11.0 (f...Laura Arjona Reina16 months
language-selectorhiding the language list until you mouse-overRhonda D'Vine15 months
mastermarga.wml: Fix typo in "Reliability"Rafael48 min.
new-cd_distrib-sectionTweak wording for d-i devel releasesSteve McIntyre7 months
new-homepageMerge branch 'new-homepage' of https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml...Qobi Ben Nun3 months
new_downloadprovide a link to dual architecture 32 & 64bits instead of two links. Thanks ...Laura Arjona Reina4 years
pu/partial-workaround-924172Partially work around buggy sitemap generation on buster (#924172).Cyril Brulebois4 weeks
update-port-alphaports/alpha - Typo fix (Gitgub -> Github) - Thanks Lev LamberovAlban Vidal6 months
update-port-hppaports/hppa - Removing ESIEE's HOWTO linkAlban Vidal6 months
update-port-sparcports/sparc - Updating 'Current Status'Alban Vidal6 months
new_download_0commit dca89e0fd8...Paul Wise4 years
japanese-utf-8-convcommit 8945114c77...Simon Paillard11 years
currentcommit f740bf5fbb...Konrad Bielak15 years
beforecommit 331bf3f858...Bartosz Fenski15 years
pre_raul_update_1999-12-10commit 22253ad407...Darren Benham21 years
Norwegiancommit d07a591d30...Norwegian Language Team21 years
r1-13commit 1daf604178...Chinese Language Team21 years
r1-8commit 1dce6256f1...Chinese Language Team21 years
r1-5commit 1ec5176893...Chinese Language Team21 years
norwegiancommit f416c76b39...Norwegian Language Team21 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
48 min.marga.wml: Fix typo in "Reliability"HEADmasterRafael1-1/+1
53 min.(fr) DSA 4720-4721, initial translationJean-Pierre Giraud2-0/+59
67 min.Add DLA-2273-1.Chris Lamb2-0/+44
3 hours[Swedish] users/com/prodesigner - Initial translationAndreas Rönnquist1-0/+16
3 hours[Swedish] users/com/seoroma - Initial translationAndreas Rönnquist1-0/+16
3 hours[Swedish] consultants/wissenpiloten - Initial translationAndreas Rönnquist1-0/+13
4 hours[Swedish] women/profiles/erinn -SyncAndreas Rönnquist1-2/+2
4 hours[Swedish] releases/jessie/index - Update translation-checkAndreas Rönnquist1-1/+1
5 hoursUpdate Spanish translation to revision b30f61...Rafa1-11/+21
6 hoursUpdate Spanish translation to revision c91663... (just update the translation...Rafa1-1/+1

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