BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterProcess some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso4 hours
users/roberto/rmadison_review-update-neededAdd rmadison query to review-update-needed to ensure packages exist in specif...Roberto C. Sánchez2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hoursProcess some NFUsHEADmasterSalvatore Bonaccorso1-22/+22
4 hoursAdd new chromium issuesSalvatore Bonaccorso1-0/+9
4 hoursProcess one NFUSalvatore Bonaccorso1-1/+1
4 hoursAdd CVE-2022-2301/chafaSalvatore Bonaccorso1-1/+4
5 hoursProcess some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso1-7/+7
5 hoursautomatic updatesecurity tracker role1-61/+81
5 hoursProcess some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso1-5/+5
6 hoursblender, thunderbird DSAMoritz Mühlenhoff2-4/+8
10 hoursMerge branch 'CVE-2019-25067' into 'master'Reinhard Tartler1-3/+4
10 hoursinfo about CVE-2019-25067Reinhard Tartler1-3/+4

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