Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Process some NFUsHEADmasterSalvatore Bonaccorso5 hours1-22/+22
* Add new chromium issuesSalvatore Bonaccorso5 hours1-0/+9
* Process one NFUSalvatore Bonaccorso5 hours1-1/+1
* Add CVE-2022-2301/chafaSalvatore Bonaccorso5 hours1-1/+4
* Process some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso5 hours1-7/+7
* automatic updatesecurity tracker role5 hours1-61/+81
* Process some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso6 hours1-5/+5
* blender, thunderbird DSAMoritz Mühlenhoff6 hours2-4/+8
* Merge branch 'CVE-2019-25067' into 'master'Reinhard Tartler10 hours1-3/+4
| * info about CVE-2019-25067Reinhard Tartler10 hours1-3/+4
* | CVE-2021-41682/3 iotjsNeil Williams12 hours1-2/+5
* Process some NFUsNeil Williams13 hours1-11/+11
* Add CVE-2022-34265/python-djangoSalvatore Bonaccorso13 hours1-2/+8
* gitlab n/aMoritz Muehlenhoff13 hours1-2/+1
* Process some NFUsNeil Williams13 hours1-13/+13
* additional reference for gnupg2 issueMoritz Muehlenhoff13 hours1-0/+1
* Process some NFUsNeil Williams14 hours1-10/+10
* Process some NFUsNeil Williams14 hours1-13/+13
* mediawiki fixed, add additional referencesMoritz Muehlenhoff15 hours1-2/+22
* Process some NFUsSalvatore Bonaccorso16 hours1-20/+20
* new mediawiki issuesMoritz Muehlenhoff16 hours1-2/+10
* Process some NFUsNeil Williams17 hours1-15/+17
* buster/bullseye triageMoritz Muehlenhoff17 hours1-1/+6
* automatic updatesecurity tracker role17 hours1-10/+20
* Track fixed version for various ldap-account-manager issuesSalvatore Bonaccorso18 hours1-5/+5
* Track proposed update for isync via buster-puSalvatore Bonaccorso28 hours1-0/+2
* Add new set of MariaDB related issuesSalvatore Bonaccorso28 hours1-10/+44
* Add two new vim issues: CVE-2022-228{8,9}/vimSalvatore Bonaccorso28 hours1-2/+6
* Remove notes from CVE-2022-2282 (confirmed dupliate and rejected)Salvatore Bonaccorso29 hours1-4/+0
* automatic updatesecurity tracker role29 hours1-40/+52
* Reserve DSA number for gnupg2 updateSalvatore Bonaccorso30 hours2-3/+4
* Track fixed version for CVE-2022-2084/cloud-init via unstableSalvatore Bonaccorso30 hours1-1/+1
* Reserve DSA number for linux updateSalvatore Bonaccorso34 hours1-0/+3
* Adjust reason for CVE-2022-21499/linux in busterSalvatore Bonaccorso35 hours1-1/+1
* Mark CVE-2021-39802 as not-affected for all versionsSalvatore Bonaccorso35 hours1-1/+1
* Mark CVE-2022-23038/linux as released in buster with 4.19.235-1Salvatore Bonaccorso35 hours1-0/+1
* Sync status for CVE-2019-15794 with kernel-secSalvatore Bonaccorso35 hours1-1/+1
* Add CVE-2022-228{6,7}/vimSalvatore Bonaccorso41 hours1-2/+7
* automatic updatesecurity tracker role41 hours1-4/+16
* Add CVE-2022-33103/u-bootSalvatore Bonaccorso2 days1-1/+3
* Add Debian bug reference for CVE-2022-2084/cloud-initSalvatore Bonaccorso2 days1-1/+1
* Add two new vim issuesSalvatore Bonaccorso2 days1-2/+7
* automatic updatesecurity tracker role2 days1-7/+11
* Track fixed version for thunderbird issues via unstableSalvatore Bonaccorso2 days1-9/+9
* Add temporary description for CVE-2022-2084Salvatore Bonaccorso2 days1-1/+1
* Track update for node-mermaid via bullseye-puSalvatore Bonaccorso2 days1-0/+2
* lts: remove more packages from dla-neededEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2 days1-115/+0
* lts: remove some packages from dla-neededEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2 days1-164/+0
* Update information for CVE-2022-32981Salvatore Bonaccorso2 days2-2/+2
* Process one NFUSalvatore Bonaccorso3 days1-1/+1

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