BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainUpdate changelog to include recent changesBenny Baumann14 hours
stable_3.1Drop unicode whitespaceChristian Göttsche4 weeks
3.1.1commit e785693ef9...Benny Baumann7 weeks
3.1.0commit 29983ff83a...Nathan Scott2 months
3.1.0rc3commit 691b7dd5af...Nathan Scott2 months
3.1.0rc2commit a516e0852e...Benny Baumann3 months
3.1.0rc1commit 6876a4b136...Nathan Scott3 months
3.0.5commit ce6d60e7de...Daniel Lange11 months
3.0.4commit 0b989ee38c...Nathan Scott11 months
3.0.3commit ad8aa2ce77...Nathan Scott12 months
3.0.3rc1commit 1f9e2ded9e...Nathan Scott12 months
3.0.2commit da62b44b16...Nathan Scott14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursUpdate changelog to include recent changesmainBenny Baumann1-0/+14
14 hoursAdd a fix to use gettimeofday if monotonic is not available.Lutz Mader1-2/+6
17 hoursGet file size using stat() for OpenFilesScreen if missing from lsofPeter VandeHaar1-0/+26
17 hoursStrip prefix "0t" from OFFSET column of OpenFilesScreenPeter VandeHaar1-2/+10
17 hoursAdd OFFSET column to OpenFilesScreenPeter VandeHaar1-6/+9
17 hoursInclude support for legacy LXC cgroup namingBenny Baumann1-0/+30
17 hoursUse helpers for parsing of cgroup labelsBenny Baumann1-9/+21
17 hoursDocument CCGROUP columnBenny Baumann1-1/+17
17 hoursExtract string writing/buffer handling into some callbackBenny Baumann3-131/+121
17 hoursCompress cgroup names based on some heuristicsBenny Baumann7-1/+331

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