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Extend note on <itp> to include RFP bugsupdatedocs
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diff --git a/doc/security-team.d.o/security_tracker b/doc/security-team.d.o/security_tracker
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--- a/doc/security-team.d.o/security_tracker
+++ b/doc/security-team.d.o/security_tracker
@@ -587,7 +587,9 @@ added with the `[description]` syntax, for example for clarification. This will
overridden by an automatic update unless there is a change in the description of the
CVE in the MITRE feed
-For `<itp>`, the comment needs to include the bug number as `(bug #NNNNNNNNNN)`.
+For `<itp>`, the comment needs to include the bug number as `(bug #NNNNNNNNNN)`. (The
+`<itp>` package tag is used for both ITP and RFP bugs -
+see [ITP/RFP packages](#issues-in-itp-andor-rfp-packages))
`NOTE:` annotations are often used for URLs for more information but can also be
used for descriptive comments.

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