BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterReserve DLA-2419-1 for dompurify.jsThorsten Alteholz44 min.
users/roberto/rmadison_review-update-neededAdd rmadison query to review-update-needed to ensure packages exist in specif...Roberto C. Sánchez9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
44 min.Reserve DLA-2419-1 for dompurify.jsHEADmasterThorsten Alteholz2-3/+3
52 min.Reserve DLA-2418-1 for libsndfileThorsten Alteholz1-0/+3
84 min.consistently fix libsndfile CVEs in all suitesThorsten Alteholz3-8/+0
87 min.this CVE-2019-16728 will be fixed with next uploadThorsten Alteholz1-1/+0
89 min.add link for fix of CVE-2020-26870Thorsten Alteholz1-0/+1
5 hoursNFUMoritz Muehlenhoff1-2/+1
6 hoursnew webcit issuesMoritz Muehlenhoff3-134/+134
7 hoursAdd CVE-2020-14383/sambaSalvatore Bonaccorso1-1/+3
7 hoursAdd CVE-2020-14323/sambaSalvatore Bonaccorso1-1/+3
7 hoursAdd CVE-2020-14318/sambaSalvatore Bonaccorso1-1/+3

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