Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Bump version number for 3.0.3 release3.0.3Nathan Scott2020-12-071-1/+1
* Merge branch 'conversion' of into cgzones-con...Nathan Scott2020-12-0726-79/+87
| * Introduce METER_BUFFER_CHECK and METER_BUFFER_APPEND_CHR to cleanup writing t...Christian Göttsche2020-12-066-48/+53
| * Use size_t as type for buffer length in ProcessChristian Göttsche2020-12-063-5/+5
| * Use size_t as len type for Meter_UpdateValuesChristian Göttsche2020-12-0621-30/+33
| * Use size_t as len type for xSnprintfChristian Göttsche2020-12-062-3/+3
* | OpenBSD updateChristian Göttsche2020-12-066-176/+147
* Remove unused function Header_readMeterNameChristian Göttsche2020-12-062-17/+0
* IWYU updateChristian Göttsche2020-12-0618-13/+13
* Initialize buffer for retrieved pathBenny Baumann2020-12-061-1/+2
* DragonFlyBSDProcessList: fix missing typeChristian Göttsche2020-12-061-1/+1
* FreeBSD: fix crash on empty environmentChristian Goettsche2020-12-051-1/+1
* LinuxProcessList: add underscore suffix for raw struct nameChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-1/+1
* Meter: fix bar coloring without wide ncurses supportChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-6/+5
* RichString: avoid signed integer misuseChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-1/+1
* Hide degree character without wide ncurses supportChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-1/+1
* Resolve conversion from int to charChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-1/+1
* Resolve conversion from int to unsigned and backChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-5/+2
* Resolve conversion from int to shortChristian Göttsche2020-12-051-7/+5
* Resolve conversion from ssize_t to int for readlink return valueChristian Göttsche2020-12-053-11/+11
* Update htop logo, provide .svg file as wellDaniel Lange2020-12-053-1/+115
* Update AUTHORS file with htop-dev teamDaniel Lange2020-12-051-1/+11
* Convert personal copyright authorship to teamChristian Göttsche2020-12-048-9/+9
* Some minor additions to the changelogBenny Baumann2020-12-041-2/+5
* Update changelog for upcoming 3.0.3 release, annotate rc13.0.3rc1Nathan Scott2020-12-042-1/+75
* Document implicit incremental searchBenny Baumann2020-12-031-0/+4
* Allow to pass '/' for item searchBenny Baumann2020-12-034-4/+4
* Handle 'q' as quit if first characterBenny Baumann2020-12-031-0/+11
* Some visual code cleanupBenny Baumann2020-12-031-2/+14
* Use common handling for scrollingBenny Baumann2020-12-031-8/+10
* Reduce code duplicationBenny Baumann2020-12-031-8/+6
* Common order for ESC/q/F10Benny Baumann2020-12-032-3/+3
* Fix sensors configure argumentChristian Göttsche2020-12-031-6/+6
* ci: use clang-11Christian Göttsche2020-12-031-6/+6
* ci: use correct configure flags for sensorsChristian Göttsche2020-12-031-9/+9
* Linux: avoid float division by 0 after system sleepChristian Göttsche2020-12-031-2/+3
* Silence possible NULL dereferenceChristian Göttsche2020-12-031-1/+2
* Add Linux cwd process columnChristian Göttsche2020-12-033-1/+48
* Minor code streamliningBenny Baumann2020-12-022-8/+4
* Some minor spelling issuesBenny Baumann2020-12-021-10/+12
* Avoid expensive build of tree when not using itBenny Baumann2020-12-021-7/+9
* Avoid useless search for pid 0Benny Baumann2020-12-021-0/+5
* Reorder field initialization to group fields by taskBenny Baumann2020-12-021-8/+10
* Code style cleanup and documentation/commentsBenny Baumann2020-12-021-29/+47
* Use common values for initial size estimates for HashtablesBenny Baumann2020-12-021-3/+3
* Fix issue with inconsistent displayTreeSetMaxim Zhiburt2020-12-021-7/+22
* Implement sorting in tree modeMaxim Zhiburt2020-12-025-67/+237
* Set locale only once and do not override it laterChristian Göttsche2020-12-022-7/+3
* Dynamically load libsensors at runtimeChristian Göttsche2020-12-0211-59/+147
* Add xReadfile wrapper for reading small to medium size filesChristian Göttsche2020-12-025-134/+85

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