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+What's new in version 3.0.5
+* BUGFIX / SECURITY: InfoScreen: fix uncontrolled format string
+* BUGFIX: Improve white text in the Light Terminal colour scheme
+ (both of the above thanks to V)
+* Enable the function bar on the main screen to be hidden (see Setup -> Display options)
+* BUGFIX: Reduce layout issues esp. around printing wide characters (not complete yet)
+* BUGFIX: Make the follow function exit cleanly after followed process died
+* Solaris: make Process callbacks static
+* Update help and man page for improved -t / -s options
+* Drop usage of formatted error messages from <err.h>
+* Show arrow indicating order of sorted process column
+* Lots of plumbing around the internal Hashtable, hardening and code cleanups
+* LibSensors: add support for Ryzen CPUs (vor 5 Tagen)
+ (thanks to Matej Dian)
+* BUGFIX: Fix CPU percentage on M1 silicon Macs
+ (thanks to Luke Groeninger)
+* LoadMeter: dynamically adjust color and total of bar
+* Find for Fedora and friends
+* Add support to display CPU frequencies on Solarish platforms
+ (thanks to Dominik Hassler)
+* Enable going back to previous search matches (Shift-F3)
+* Added keybind 'N' for sorting by PID (drops 'n'/'N' as not used before much)
+ (thanks to Jake Mannens)
What's new in version 3.0.4
* Separate tree and list sort orders
* Invert Process_compare so that superclass matches run first
-(thanks to Hisham Muhammad)
+ (thanks to Hisham Muhammad)
* Unhardcode Mac OS tick-to-milliseconds conversion
-(thanks to Alexander Momchilov)
+ (thanks to Alexander Momchilov)
* Check if clock_gettime needs linking of librt
* Define O_PATH if not already defined
-(thanks to Chris Burr)
+ (thanks to Chris Burr)
* Add column on Mac for processes running under translation
-(thanks to Dániel Bakai)
+ (thanks to Dániel Bakai)
* Configure check for additional linker flags for keypad(3)
* PSI Meter: constant width and only print ten-duration as bar
* Sort in paused mode after inverting sort order
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# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.

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