BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
beuc/webwml-patch-rdfFix LTS links in RSS feeds (#973544)Sylvain Beucler11 months
d-i/no-alpha-yetSwitch to the “no Alpha/RC released yet” case.Cyril Brulebois7 weeks
hotfix-untranslated-dsa-itemsintro/index: adjust get_recent_list to get the translated title for the last DSACyril Brulebois10 months
html5make a basic template declaring HTML5, and make the homepage to use itLaura Arjona Reina9 months
localize_universal[Swedish] Localize 'The universal operating system' textAndreas Rönnquist7 weeks
master(fr) DSA 4987, initial translationJean-Pierre Giraud5 hours
pu/partial-workaround-924172Partially work around buggy sitemap generation on buster (#924172).Cyril Brulebois16 months
revert-2d7b13ecRevert "Merge branch 'master' of salsa.debian.org:webmaster-team/webwml"Seyed mohammad ali Hosseinifard8 weeks
update-port-alphaports/alpha - Typo fix (Gitgub -> Github) - Thanks Lev LamberovAlban Vidal22 months
update-port-hppaports/hppa - Removing ESIEE's HOWTO linkAlban Vidal22 months
new_download_0commit dca89e0fd8...Paul Wise5 years
japanese-utf-8-convcommit 8945114c77...Simon Paillard12 years
currentcommit f740bf5fbb...Konrad Bielak16 years
beforecommit 331bf3f858...Bartosz Fenski16 years
pre_raul_update_1999-12-10commit 22253ad407...Darren Benham22 years
Norwegiancommit d07a591d30...Norwegian Language Team22 years
r1-13commit 1daf604178...Chinese Language Team22 years
r1-8commit 1dce6256f1...Chinese Language Team22 years
r1-5commit 1ec5176893...Chinese Language Team22 years
norwegiancommit f416c76b39...Norwegian Language Team22 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hours(fr) DSA 4987, initial translationHEADmasterJean-Pierre Giraud1-0/+27
7 hoursFix HTMLLuca Monducci1-1/+1
10 hours(Russian) Initial translationLev Lamberov1-0/+25
11 hours(fr) DSA 4984-4986, initial translationJean-Pierre Giraud3-0/+74
14 hours[DSA 4987-1] squashfs-tools security updateSalvatore Bonaccorso2-0/+37
14 hours(nl) dutch/devel/developers.loc.wml, translation update.Frans Spiesschaert1-48/+46
16 hours(Russian) Initial translationLev Lamberov1-0/+22
16 hours[SECURITY] [DSA 4986-1] tomcat9 security updateLev Lamberov2-0/+35
30 hours(de) Initial 11.1 and 10.11~ announcemnt translationErik Pfannenstein2-0/+515
35 hours(Russian) Initial translationLev Lamberov1-0/+23

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