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Ignore CVE-2022-21682 and CVE-2021-43860 for flatpak in stretch
following secteam analysis at 053f0cd77086c6f73f0d6d33b93833e99ba796c0 + no LTS contributor claimed it since it was added
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@@ -42,9 +42,6 @@ firmware-nonfree (Markus Koschany)
NOTE: 20210828: Most CVEs are difficult to backport. Contacted Ben regarding possible "ignore" tag
NOTE: 20211207: Intend to release this week.
- NOTE: 20220113: upcoming DSA; non-trivial backport (Beuc)
gif2apng (Anton)
NOTE: 20220114: orphaned package with inactive upstream, maybe coordinate with Debian QA to write our own patches (Beuc)
NOTE: 20220114: CVEs unrelated to apng2gif's (Beuc)

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