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* Add scripts to split security-tracker into data and "binaries"Guido G√ľnther2017-12-282-0/+51
* Sync AUTHORS.txt with new contributors and sync mirrorSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-261-0/+1
* sync AUTHORS.txtSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-031-0/+1
* Change my preferred email addressBrian May2017-09-211-1/+1
* sync AUTHORS.txtSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-09-181-0/+1
* Add poc conversionSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-09-181-0/+5
* Add current AUTHORS file used for conversionSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-09-181-0/+164
* Simplify conversion procedureSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-09-181-1/+1
* Fix another typo in documentation/steps how to convert to gitSalvatore Bonaccorso2015-01-191-1/+1
* No trunk->master branch rename neededSalvatore Bonaccorso2015-01-181-4/+0
* Fix typosSalvatore Bonaccorso2015-01-181-3/+3
* Add WIP README for the svn-git conversionSalvatore Bonaccorso2015-01-171-0/+19
* Add two example scripts to be used for svn to git conversion to generate AUTH...Salvatore Bonaccorso2015-01-162-0/+64

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