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* Merge branch 'distro-config' into 'master'Salvatore Bonaccorso2020-06-045-186/+109
| * security_db: don't hardcode the list of supported releasesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-5/+6
| * Makefile: don't hardcode Debian releasesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-2/+2
| * Don't hardcode architecture list in the MakefileEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+5
| * security_db: don't hardcode release namesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+1
| * debian_support: don't hardcode release namesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-2/+3
| * config: add a method to get all releasesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+8
| * security_db: drop squeeze workaroundsEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-6/+0
| * security_db: don't hardcode the testing suite codenameEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-8/+11
| * remove unused fileEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-97/+0
| * security_db: remove unused getEffectiveVersion methodEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-54/+0
| * security_db: don't hardcode release codenames in _initViewsEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+5
| * security_db: don't hardcode releases in db queriesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-4/+10
| * security_db: don't hardcode release codenames in calculateDebsecanEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+1
| * security_db: take the sid value in calculateDebsecan0Emilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-4/+2
| * security_db: don't hardcode codenames in calls to gen_releaseEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+1
| * security_db: don't hardcode codenames in calls to _calcTesting()Emilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-4/+8
| * add python module to read config.jsonEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-0/+52
* | Add basic Unicode support to the web frameworkFlorian Weimer2020-05-011-20/+22
* | security_db: don't return duplicated advisoriesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-03-181-1/+1
* | Fix typo in Parser when issueing error (VAlueError -> ValueError)Salvatore Bonaccorso2020-03-041-1/+1
* Merge branch 'bam/security-tracker-fix_cmp'Salvatore Bonaccorso2020-01-021-1/+2
| * Fix list sortBrian May2019-06-171-1/+2
* | Fix inconsistent leading ident before if statementBrian May2019-12-261-2/+2
* | Reimplement (incompletely) simplistic NVD parser to handle JSON feedSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-10-201-68/+59
* | Add missing note that CVE description is returnedSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-10-201-0/+1
* | Drop mips from bullseye architecturesSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-08-211-1/+1
* | Another place where mips needs to be droppedRaphaël Hertzog2019-08-211-1/+1
* | Don't track mips in sid, it's goneRaphaël Hertzog2019-08-211-1/+1
* | Disable fetching of backportsSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-071-1/+4
* | Adjust dist directory on security archives for distributionSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-061-0/+8
* | lib/ Fetch backports suites for $(OLDSTABLE)Salvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-061-1/+1
* | security_db: Update mappings after buster stable releaseSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-061-16/+16
* | dist_config: Add support for bullseye release and initial list of supported a...Salvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-061-0/+5
* | debian_support: Add bullseye to supported releasesSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-061-1/+1
* Remove hurd-i386, kfreebsd-{i386,amd64} from architectures in sidSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-05-011-1/+1
* security_db: Make source code comment independent of codename for distributionSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-04-281-2/+2
* lib/ Correctly remove $(OLDSTABLE) for backportsSalvatore Bonaccorso2019-03-261-1/+1
* Fetch packages files for backports suites only for $(STABLE)Salvatore Bonaccorso2019-03-261-2/+2
* Replace file() with open() for Python 3 compatabilityBrian May2019-03-046-12/+12
* Replace `abc` with repr(abc)Brian May2019-02-182-7/+7
* lib/python/ Use explicit list comprehension; the "lambda (x,)" syntax...Chris Lamb2019-02-111-2/+2
* lib/python/ Use repr(..) over backticks; they are removed i...Chris Lamb2019-02-111-3/+3
* CVEExtendFile: treat TEMP-* entries as uniqueEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2018-12-041-0/+9
* Merge branch 'bam/security-tracker-use_pythons_namedtuple'Salvatore Bonaccorso2018-11-114-96/+3
| * Use the namedtuple class supplied with PythonBrian May2018-08-204-96/+3
* | Replace "x.has_key(y)" with "y in x" syntaxBrian May2018-08-207-16/+16
* Fix print statements for Python 3.6 compatibilityBrian May2018-08-068-72/+77
* Replace <> with != for Python 3.6 compatibilityBrian May2018-07-156-26/+26
* Update python exception syntax for Python 3.6 compatibilityBrian May2018-07-137-45/+45

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