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* DLA.template: add header following DSA's oneEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-07-081-0/+6
* DLA.template: add security-tracker linkEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-07-081-0/+4
* DLA.template: normalize dist nameEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-07-071-2/+1
* security-team overview: Do not mention stretch-security anymoreSalvatore Bonaccorso2020-06-201-6/+2
* DSA template: Do not mention the oldstable distributionSalvatore Bonaccorso2020-06-201-3/+0
* DLA template: Switch to mention stretch as the LTS releaseSalvatore Bonaccorso2020-06-201-3/+3
* Remove one leftover closing td tagSalvatore Bonaccorso2020-06-201-1/+1
* security-team.d.o: Sync table with real situationSalvatore Bonaccorso2020-06-201-2/+6
* tracker_data: remove RELEASES arrayEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+0
* README.releases: update config.json on new releasesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-0/+1
* Makefile: don't hardcode Debian releasesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-5/+2
* tracker_service: simplify stable-like callbacksEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+0
* security_db: don't hardcode release namesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+0
* debian_support: don't hardcode release namesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+0
* remove unused fileEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+0
* gen-DSA: get distro info from config.jsonEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2020-02-261-1/+0
* DSA.template: Add support for oldstable version information in DSASalvatore Bonaccorso2019-07-061-0/+3
* Replace reference to secure-testing-commits with debian-security-tracker-commitsS├ębastien Delafond2019-03-021-3/+6
* Merge branch 'bam/security-tracker-use_pythons_namedtuple'Salvatore Bonaccorso2018-11-111-2/+1
| * Use the namedtuple class supplied with PythonBrian May2018-08-201-2/+1
* | Add warning noteSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-11-061-0/+2
* | Reorder listing for contact adressesSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-11-061-3/+3
* DLA.template: fix syntax for singular entriesEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2018-07-201-1/+1
* Document binary package pulling in needed dependenciesSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-181-0/+5
* Add some initial wording on how to contribute for codeSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-171-1/+4
* Adjust indentation for code-blockSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-171-4/+4
* Revert use of Irker back to KGBSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-171-3/+2
* security-team overview: Do not mention jessie-security anymoreSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-161-6/+2
* DSA template: Do not mention the oldstable distributionSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-161-3/+0
* DLA template: Switch to mention jessie as the LTS releaseSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-161-3/+3
* Unify name for bin/gen-MYSA scriptSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-101-1/+1
* Document CVE extends supportEmilio Pozuelo Monfort2018-06-081-0/+20
* Fix targets to be run to have minimal example startedSalvatore Bonaccorso2018-06-011-1/+1
* Mialing list migration has happened, commits to debian-security-tracker-commi...Salvatore Bonaccorso2018-04-141-1/+1
* Convert URLs from http to https where it seems safe to do soPaul Wise2018-01-173-3/+3
* doc: Add note about installing the pre-commit hook after initial cloneSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-301-0/+6
* doc: no need to clone with --recursiveSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-301-2/+2
* Document changes on the setup on soriano for the git migrationSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-301-20/+17
* Reference files from security-tracker git repository on security-team websiteSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-291-3/+3
* Cleanup documentation after move from Alioth to SalsaSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-291-47/+21
* sectracker user is as well subscribed to debian-lts-announce@lists.debian.orgSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-281-0/+1
* Add uncommited unknown-packages.signatureSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-271-0/+4
* Add uncommited dsa-candidates.signatureSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-271-0/+4
* Add mising/uncommited compare-embed-usertags.signatureSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-271-0/+3
* distributions.json: Document fact to update information on release timeSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-12-101-0/+1
* Add a link to the security tracker to the DSA templateRaphael Geissert2017-11-181-0/+4
* remove testing/sid from DSA templateMoritz Muehlenhoff2017-11-121-6/+0
* add a task for the arch-specific packages filesRaphael Geissert2017-10-161-0/+1
* corrections related to CVE id requests and an obsolete noteRaphael Geissert2017-10-161-6/+7
* Document ignored & postponed sub-states a bit moreSebastien Delafond2017-08-111-11/+13

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